• Rose Oil

    The Aroma From Nature
    The combination of an ancient culture with the newest technologies, make up a pure source of beauty and health.

  • Rose Oil

    The Aroma From Nature
    The combination of an ancient culture with the newest technologies, make up a pure source of beauty and health.

Rose oil, an essence to ensure a young and healthy life

Rose oil which is also known as rose otto and rose essential oil is the extracted essence of rose plants. Roses are known for their very desirable scent which has encouraged people to use it as the main substance of perfumes for centuries. The plant itself has two species which are widely used for rose oil extraction: Rosa Damascena and Rosa Centifolia……

Application of Rose oil


So far, scientific support for the benefits of rose essential oil is fairly limited. Here’s a look at some key findings from scientific research on the health benefits of rose essential oil….


The rose is a symbol of love and beauty and rose oil is one of the most valuable therapeutic perfumes. Rose Oil is heart (middle) note essential oil and brings out the best in other notes. Being one of the most rare oils, the rose oil is famous for its aphrodisiac and uplifting properties.


The rich molecular composition of rose oil makes it one of the most beneficial essential oils for skin and personal care products. Our Rose Oil has strong healing, restoring and anti-aging properties in very concentrated form; adds vitality and balance. Add it to any moisturizer (cream and lotion) to rejuvenate skin and improve texture.

Organic Foods

Essential Rose oil is utilized as a part of a wide range of food products, for example, confectionery sodas and alcoholic drinks. Apart from being consumed as a seasoning material, it is also utilized as a part of the agriculture and food industry for their antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, insecticidal, nematocidal, and anticancer attributes. Due to these reasons, its use as preservatives in the food and as an agent has been indicated.

Quality and Lab Results

Coming directly from our rose family farms, Aromaticsone rose oil is considered premium quality with sweet and deep multilayered fragrance. Strict control over all elements involved in the technological process of production of rose oil is a top priority for the whole team. To this are added laboratory analyses of each product, attentive selection and last but not least – the extremely favorable climatic conditions that ensure supreme quality of the raw row materials. There are many factors that contribute to the overall quality of this precious oil.

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